Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest Time :Update: We have a winner.....Glenna

Glenna guessed the correct answer. It was John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of  the John Paul Mitchell hair system franchise.  He is also a very generous philanthropist. Congrats to her, and thanks to everyone who enterered.

Have a reading / signing tonight at a local library. I am a huge supporter of libraries and as part of the evening, if I am fortunate enough to sell any copies I will donate a portion of each sale to the library.

As promised, it's contest time. All you have to do is read the below excerpts descibing the diabolical antogonist of the story, psyhcologist Joel Fischer. Then, tell the me the name of real-life person I modeled him after.

# 1
Mr. Bigshot looked like a caricature of someone Scott had
seen before. His beard, cropped tight to his face and receding
hair, which Scott determined got colored regularly, was slicked
back tight to his skull and fed the piece de resistance, the

Scott noticed Fischer’s eyes were extremely blue, like
crystal marbles. The oversized, porcelain veneers dominating his
mouth looked like they were made of ivory.

Stealing a page from "The Graduate", here's the hint..Hair Care.

This is tougher than the last contest, but I'm confident someone is going to find the answer. I'll post a pic of said person, once we have a winner.

Good Luck!




  1. Penn Jillette from (penn + Teller?)

  2. Glenna- Come on, creative googling will lead you there.

    TF- Worthy guess, but sorry. You have seen his face in commercials, maybe not too recently, but...

  3. Geez, now you've gone and done it.

  4. Ok...guess number 1 Ringo Starr?

  5. Travolta as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction.

  6. Geez- There a lot more ponytailed people in the public eye, than I thought.

    It's not Ringo or Vince Vega, both of who I am a big fan of. I will tell you that it is NOT the king of the eyebrow clench and supposed matial arts expert.

    This dude is a spokesman / co-owner for a line of products and don't get tricked by what you think his name is, like I always thought it was.

  7. or is it Cyril Thomson Mitchel ? I found two names for the guy

  8. Glenna- Congratulations. It is John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of the John Paul Mitchell hair product franchise. If you would be so kind, would you email me at spreardon81@gmail.com and let me know a ship to address and I'll get a copy of the novel to you.

  9. Cool beans!! Thanks Sean!! I think I'll take a break from Google now.

  10. Great. I was going to nudge people with the hair care products, but I still would have lost by guessing Vidal Sassoon.

    Just as well I have my copy already...

  11. Nah, never heard of him.He looks like a bad guy,though.