Thursday, October 14, 2010

Punching A Pumpkin: How I Could Just Kill A Man

I am a huge fan of good crime movies, you know, the heist, the mob, drug dealing and all the violence, suspense, and edge of the seat stuff that goes along with it. I especially love a good hit, done creatively, one that has me on the verge of looking away from the sceen. One that, no matter how many times I see it, even though I know what's coming, makes my gut get tight and brace myself for what's to come.

If I had to pick just one that meets the above criteria, without fail, it would be the scene in Casino, when Joe Peschi and his brother get beat to a pulp in the cornfield. If you want to see it Click HERE

I think the thing that gets me most is, this kind of stuff does happen in real life, if you roll in certain circles.

I ask you, do you have a similiar scene that causes you to experience both physical and emotional reactions when you see it? I would love to hear about it!


  1. I LOVE Casino -- and that cornfield scene is superb. For some reason, I'm thinking of the scene in "The Mosquito Coast" when the giant ice machine spits out its first big ol' block of the stuff and it slides down the ramp into the river. The looks on River Phoenix and Harrison Ford's faces are pure elation after such a struggle. I'm right there with them for the celebration -- even though I've seen it play out a dozen times or more.

    Thanks for stopping by Smashwords Reviewed to offer your kind words. All my best, Sean, and good luck with your book as well!

    j. //

    Jason McIntyre
    Author of "On The Gathering Storm"

  2. Jason,

    Way cool of you to stop in and comment. Going to have to check out "The Mosquito Coast" as I'm a big fan of the late RP.

    To everyone else, Jason has a great interview over at The Smashwords Books Reviewed blog, and his novel is the # 1 best seller on Smashwords.

  3. Right on, Sean. Hope you dig that movie.

    j. //

  4. I'm sorry I am so behind on your blog, but I am catching up.

    Immediately the first thing I recall when I think of cringe worthy movie scenes: The curb stomping scene in American History X. I can’t even think of that guy’s teeth on that curb without feeling mental and physical anxiety. I don’t believe I could ever watch it again.

  5. Maria- Thanks for stopping by. Just googled AHX, and it is on my must watch list. Just your description made me wince.