Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ultimate "Whoop Ass" Song

So here's the scenario. Two of your main characters are in a top-of-the-line, black, 2008 Dodge Challenger, heading to fire bomb a warehouse that is the centerpiece of all the nefariuos plans of the head honcho they are trying to bring down. On the way, of course, they need some motivational kind of music to inspire them, get them into character if you will. One of them slips a CD into the player and cranks the kick-ass stereo system up.


I went with THIS


  1. Lee- Great choice. One of my all time favorites and the best song by the Crue I think.

  2. Assassins: Muse

    killer drumming and on topic too.

  3. TF.80- Just listened to it. Great choice and I'm going to listen to more of their stuff. "Assassins" kind of reminds me of "Jesus Christ Pose" by Soundgarden, another fav of mine. Thanks for the heads up on Muse!

  4. Loved Soundgarden too back in the day (before chris cornell actually started believing he was God...)

    For ultimate Muse playlist, I recommend, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, Time is running out, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Plug in Baby, New Born and Map of the problematic.

    Take that to the Gym and give yourself a coronary. They are like a rocking Queen.

  5. TF- I'm with you on the Chris Cornell thing. Last time I saw them he was whining about the crowd. Too bad, he has one hell of a voice. A "rocking Queeen" good call, I def hear Freddy M's voicing. The only negative I can see is that they are associated with the Twilight franchise, but I'll pretend I didn't know that ;)

  6. Hahaha, I was wondering if you'd catch the Twilight connection. Muse is a bit...repetitive to me. After a couple of songs I have to turn it off. I do like Supermassive Black Hole and Hysteria though.

    As for my song, Whoop There It Is comes to mind ;) (I don't know who it's by though).

  7. Glenna,

    I was really liking Muse and then the dreaded Twilight references started rearing their ugly head. The singer does have a good voice though.

    "Whoomp (There It Is)" is by Tag Team, and it was so popular back in the early 90's.