Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's up with this Hurling business?

On Saturday, while visiting Declan Burke's excellent blog, "Crime Always Pays", he posted a video link about the sport of Hurling. Now, I had heard of this sport in name only, and had no clue what it was. I'm also the guy who thought Cricket was below Badminton and Croquet in terms of the machismo factor. I soon found out the opposite is true. HOWZAT!
* keep in mind it is a sport where it is OKAY to hit the batter.

Now, if that looks like fun, check out this excellent video on Hurling that Dec Posted HERE

I played Football & Lacrosse growing up. In fact, I still play lacrosse, but if they had Hurling in the US, when I was growing up, I know I would have been all over it.


  1. I liked that video also, and considered putting it on my blog. It looks like a fun sport to watch.

  2. Glenna,

    Everyone I show it to has the same reaction. I found out that the Hurling season has just ended around my way, but I sure am going to catch a match in the spring. There are some teams in the Boston area, lucky for me!

  3. Hurling is the sport of choice for real men in Ireland. In last years final, before helmets became compulsory, one guy took a hit full force in the face with the stick.
    He didn't roll around like a girly soccer player. He just carried on, no medical attention, nothing.
    It's the best game in the world bar none. (you do have to be slightly insane though)

  4. TF.80- You'll get no arguments from me on that. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey Sean,

    Recently published my first novel, "Drown". A murder/mystery set against the music business. My buddy saw your post on Black Crowes message board. Would love to hook up with you and discuss trying to become a successful author (i.e a cost effective way to finance a full time surf habit). Ironically, I'm in Boston. Thanks for your time.

  6. Albie,

    Going to go check out your blog now. Premise of "Drown" sounds cool. Going to see the Crowes at their House of Blues show in Oct, and it looks likeit might be a while before they tour again. By far my favorite band and they pop up here and there throughout "Mindjacker" in one form or another. Thanks for stopping by!