Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Night Games" published on Thrillers,Killer's-n-Chillers

I have always loved the short story, whether in print or film. Fitzgerald and de Maupassant are particular favorites and Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales from the Crypt and Darkside as well. I have written many of them over the years and recently I have been revisting them. First impression was..these really suck in both style and format. A lot of them had decent ideas, but they needed work. I re-worked one that was orignally written for a Writers Digest "your story" challenge (750 word limit)The prompt was "you get a package in the mail and it only contains and eye patch" Well, I ditched they eye patch, but some of that story became a 650 word story "Night Games".

I took a chance and submitted it to the awesome website Thriller's, Killers-n-Chillers. A few weeks went by, and when I checked my e-mail on Saturday - a note from Matt Hilton (a many times published crime author)one of the editors at TK-n-C informed me that it was accepted. My kids must have thought I hot the Lotto, because I was dancing around the family room, I was so happy about the news. So, if you want to read the story and more importantly read some kick-ass Horror, Crime, and Thriller shorts

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  1. That's great, Sean!

    Also thought I should tell you that Mindjacker arrived safely in the mail. I need to finish Wolf Hall before I forget the cast of characters, but once done, Mindjacker will be next on my list!

  2. Ha-Ha, loved it, threw me for a loop. I was going 'no, no, don't have him watch her be killed, that's been done to death!!!' and then bang. Great piece Sean.

  3. Great story, Sean. You should re-write some of your others if that's what they're like. Well done, mate. Left a comment on TKnC.

  4. Sean- Thanks, and I'm glad it made it to you safely! It was a coast to coast trip.

    Paul, Lee, Dave- Thanks for reading it guys, I hold your opinions in the highest regard, and you all have entertained the shite out of me with your stuff. I am a huge fan of the plot twist.

  5. Glenna- Thanks for reading it and glad you liked it.

  6. Eye-catching (sorry!) debut, Sean.
    (Commented on the site).