Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What CD, Novel, and Movie (if you could only choose one of each) ?

If you could only have one CD, Novel, and Movie, what would be your choices?
* for this question, the bible is not elibible *


Novel: Twilight
Movie: Twilight
CD: Music Inspired by Twilight

Jeez, you think you know a guy, huh?

Novel: The Great Gatsby
Movie: Goodfellas
CD: Appetite For Destruction (Guns n Roses)


  1. Okay
    Novel: Old Dogs by Donna Moore
    Film: Goodfellas
    LP: Real Life by Magazine

  2. Okeedokee,

    Novel: The Poet - Michael Connolly
    Movie - The Wanderers
    CD - 100% Colombian - Fun Lovin Criminals

  3. Oooh... difficult!

    Novel: The Grifters - Jim Thompson
    Movie: Sin City
    CD: How The west Was Won - Led Zeppelin

    Ask me again in an hour and I may well give you a different set of answers! :)

  4. Paul- I'm still waiting for a call from the bookstore as to when "Old Dogs" is going to be delivered. Looking forward to it very much!

    Dave- I love The Wanderers, Ken Wahl was great and I was a big fan of Wiseguy. The Lords of Flatbush is another fav. I really need to read Michael Connolly, who's on my TBR list for sure.

    Julie- I loved "The Killer Inside Me". JT is mucho talented. I need to read "The Grifters". Like you, my list could change at any given time.

  5. good post...distracting me from doing some so called real work, thanks:)

    Novel: Silence of the Lambs: Thomas Harris
    Movie: Fargo : Coen Brothers
    CD: Seven Swans: Sufjan Stevens

    The thought of only having one CD makes me ill.

    (Although who buy's CD's anymore? Surely it's all download for music now. And books now too apparently but i can't see myself catching on with that for a long time to come. I still like the feeling of opening and smelling a brand new novel. I don't know if the smell of a kindle or iPad would be quite the same.)

  6. TF,

    Come on man, work can't be all work and no play. I still listen to CD's every day, most times in the wheels. One of these days I'll get an iPod or MP3, but I don't like the feeling of headphones / earbuds. I do own a Nook, but I still prefer real books. Someone posted on a blog that you could rub your e-reader in old book and get the smell. Not sure if it was a joke or not.

  7. Just pick one?!? It's impossible Sean, I can't believe you would ask such a thing of your readers.

    Oh, and I know you're only saying Twilight because you have a secret crush on Alice. It's ok, lots of guys do.

  8. As said above, these could change hourly...

    Novel- American Psycho
    Movie - Blade Runner
    CD - Back In Black-AC/DC

    I can't help it now....... :-)

  9. Glenna- I hear you, it was a tough one to pick. I have changed my mind a few times

    Dave- Your Novel & CD are tough contenders for mine as well.