Monday, April 4, 2011

REVIEW: GONE BAD by Julie Morrigan

A large, seemingly never ending work project and running a youth lacrosse program have kept me really busy lately. Been able to keep track of my fav blogs, but commenting, and posting on mine has been tough. So, I figured I would get things back on track with a review of Julie Morrigan's "Gone Bad" story collection.

Back in Sept 2010, thanks to Paul Brazill's blog, I found out about one of my favorite crime writers, Julie Lewthwaite ( Morgan, Morrigan) and had the following to say HERE  Since that post I have read many more of Julie's stories and others that have not yet been published, or are excepts from larger to be completed works.  Man, can she write hard edged, kick-ass crime stories. It's one thing to write about bad guys and killing people, but to do it with such a well written style takes a real talent. Her latest collection of stories is called "Gone Bad" and it is a winner in so many ways. You can buy it in ebook form for just .99 cents at SMASHWORDS, AMAZON, and AMAZON UK

Here is the on-line review I posted, and for .99 cents, you can't find better entertaiment.

5 Stars
"This was a terrific read. A great mix of flash and short stories make up this hard nosed, no-nonsense collection of crime stories showcasing both the bottom and top rungs of the UK crime world. Believable, authentic dialogue and excellent characters are what really made this work for me. The flash stories all catch you with a great twist and pack a big punch, but it is with the longer short stories that the author does her best work. Flawless writing / editing and excellent formatting made this a very enjoyable read on my nook. Highly recommend to any crime, drama, or thriller fans."


  1. Sean, thank you so much, I'm extremely grateful for such kind words, especially from one of my favourite writers.

    I missed you around the intertubes - figured you were up to something. I hope things are a little easier now, at least for a while. I have the same problem ... all good fun, but just so much to do. (Not that I'm complaining!)

  2. Julie- Pleasure is all mine. I'm currently reading Kevin Michaels' "Lost Exit" and a yet to be published draft of a novel by one of my followers. Both are good so far.

  3. WOWZERS! The GREAT JULIE @ only 99'cents! Can life as we know it get any better?

    I've been out of the interlooping also but to come back around and see one of my fave thriller authors review and shine up the excitement emanating from the always tough and stylish Ms Julie -- is GONE BAD going good!

    Class acts and classy reads all around.
    ~ Absolutely*Kate, absolutely applauding

  4. A*K- Thansk for stoppping in. Best .99 cents you can spend, without a doubt!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, folks! And yup, LOST EXIT is on my 'TBR' list - it sounds like a terrific read.