Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm In Like Flynn & The Beat On The Street

- Over at Absolutely * Kate's blog At The Bijou, she's been hosting The Rat Pack Review. The star of the event has been crime writing machine Robert Randisi, who's latest venture is crime novels featuring those ultra-cool, swinging cats of the infamous Rat Pack.  There's a great lineup of writer's who chose members or associates of the pack and wrote stories in their persona. I'm very proud to say I was included (as Errol Flynn) along with A*K, Anthony Venutolo, Kevin Michaels, Julie Morrigan, Paul Brazill, Eric Beetner, and of course Mr. Randisi. You can check out my story "Bung Ho!" as well as all the others HERE

- Speaking of Kevin Michaels, I am in the middle of his debut novel "Lost Exit" and it is very good. I'll be posting a review when done, but you can check it out HERE

- "She's no Agatha Christie". That's how an excellent feature story on Julie Morrigan (wink, wink) Lewthwaite's "Gone Bad" collection stars out in the Newcastle Journal HERE

- One of my fav crime writers, who's style I love, John McFetridge, has landed a TV gig and I could not be happier for him. Find out more HERE

- Another crime writer, I really dig for both story and style is Allan Guthrie. He's got a cool new blog focusing on ebooks HERE

-Finally, Glenna has another great review and excerpt up at her blog. This time it is Adrian McKinty's latest "Falling Glass". To be honest, I didn't  read it because I am waiting for my copy to arrive and hate to find out any details of a novel that I am so looking forward to read. If you have not read any of Adrian's crime novels, you don't know what you are missing out on. He's also got a great BLOG and actually interacts with his followers, which I find is not very common with other big-time writers, who love to post about themselves, yet never take the time to interact with fans.  Check out Glenna's review HERE


  1. A great few links there, Sean. I'll be checking them out and, of course, your story.

    Nice one, mate!

  2. Sean, that's one of the things that has drawn me to Adrian's books, his interaction with his readers. I would have read the books regardless probably but it's been a plus getting to "virtually know" him too.

  3. Dave- Thanks Man. Keep it up at the FFO. It's looking great.

    Seana- I agree and he is one smart dude as well. Like I mentioned, authors have to do some self- promotion, but nothing irks me more than blog hosts, who do not make the effort to interact with their commentors. If someone takes the time to visit your blog and commment, you should have the courtesy to respond. Am I wrong?

  4. I don't know. Some blogs get so popular that it would really be a lot to ask of the author to respond to everything. Adrian's is at a good point (for us) because there is a lot of interaction not just between him and commenters but between commenters as well. Besides, he's got a lot of interesting (if highly opinionated things to say. That's the challenge with a blog--keeping it fresh.

    There's a blog that I found through some other connection on the blogosphere called Hyperbole and a half, which is kind of a periodic darkly comic and illutrated view of life, and even if you check in 'right away', it will already have a hundred comments on it. I've never actually noticed the blogger responding to any of them, but maybe I didn't get far enough. The blog is excellent, but the comments are mostly just praise, which is interesting only to the author, if indeed to her.

    I saw Bung Ho! over at Kate's place. Very good. I didn't know that was one of Flynn's famous lines. Tried to look it up but baffled Google for once.

  5. Some cracking links there, Sean - thanks. And thanks for mentioning the wee article on Gone Bad, too. Much appreciated. I loved 'BUNG HO!' it's a first class story. Highly recommended!

  6. Seana, I see your point but I think it's a bit different when the blog is simply to showcase your talents like the one you mentioned. Although I think a reply of appreciation is at times warranted. A blog like Adrian's, this one, yours and mine though, where there is more of an exchange of thoughts, I think a blog owner should at least make an effort to reply, although granted, they might not be able to reply to everyone all the time.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out and the kind words, sir. Much appreciated.

  8. Seana / Glenna- You both make valid points

    Julie- I really hope more and more readers are getting a chance to read "Gone Bad"

    Allan- My pleasure. I have enjoyed your writing very much and the new blog is great. Thanks for stopping in.