Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forget Charlie Sheen's Goddesses'...Here's A Pair You Can Win!

It is a good week to be crime fiction fan. Here's a few items that may be of interest.

- Over at Declan Burke's Crime Always Pays, he's offering up a free copy of the "Mammoth Book of Best British Mysteries 8" all you need to to is post your fav short story of all time in the comments section of his blog by Thursday high noon HERE

- Unless you live under a rock, you most likely heard that Nigel Bird and Chris Rhatigan are the editors of a forthcoming collection of crime stories by writers, who to me, are the varsity lineup that I aspire to join someday. Seems they had copyright issues with the original title, so over at Chris R's blog you can submit your "Pulp" themed title and maybe win a copy of  "Mammoth Book of Best British Crime" HERE


  1. Man, as if I didn't already have enough competition for these babies!

    Just kidding. Declan's already done very well by me in the way of books lately, so I'm happy to buy them.

  2. Seana- Hopefully, the odds are still in your favor. I have one a freebie from Declan as well. Free is always good.

  3. Well, you can't beat free. I haven't thought up a good answer to the question though. I admit, I don't read a lot of short stories except for the ones going around the blog sites.