Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gold Teeth and a Curse For This Town

Took some time away from all things writing for a couple weeks, due to school vacation, Easter, and trying get my lacrosse team whipped into shape.  The funny thing about writing is the insane amount of self-imposed pressure we put on ourselves, at least I do. So, it was good to take a little break, although I couldn't resist following my fav blogs here and there. Like others, I like to dabble in poetry / lyrics. This one pretty much describes my mindset the last couple weeks. I heard the Shins "New Slang" a couple days ago, and it snapped my out of the funk. The power of music struck again!

                                        Golden Gate Moment

My internal seismograph registered
 The swell miles out to sea
 A familiar unseen force

Gaining momentum and strength
Despair and hopelessness
Rapidly melting candle wax
Approaching the shoreline
Destroying music’s enjoyment
Exorcizing hopes and dreams

Crashing down and enveloped
Pleading internally for sanity
Cold rail of the suspension bridge

A ray of sunlight breaks
On the serene horizon
Signifying recovery

Bright warming light
Transforms gray landscapes
Into vivid Technicolors

Cloudless skies inducing
Megalomaniac confidence
Swathed in possibilities

Paradise surrounds me
Admiration and gratefulness
For one more day


  1. "self-imposed pressure"--Oh, yes, absolutely. OTOH, if there wasn't that pressure, we wouldn't write at all, I suppose.

    Enjoyed the song! Honestly, I rarely click on music, because peoples' tastes vary so wildly, but I have to admit that I'm often at least intrigued by your choices, and sometimes love it.

  2. R.S. Cool of you to stop in. I totally agree, it is the challenge and pressure that really motivate me. The song has a melancholy feel to it, cool lyrics, and I love the singer's voice and harmony.

  3. Cool tune, mate. I try to stay away from writing sometimes but I find it impossible at the moment, not only writing but reading as well. S'pose the magazine doesn't help with that.

    You are a star as well!! I recieved Mindjacker the other day. I've been meaning to email but work and stuff has eaten all my time. Thanks you, thank you, thank you! It's next in line for reading.

    Hope you had a good break!

  4. Great song, and I loved the poem. A special meaning for we Californians right now.

  5. Dave- Cool, I'm glad you got it. The other copy made it to Ireland as well, so good to know the post still gets it done. Hope you like it. got to catch up on the FFO stories tonight!

  6. Seana- Thanks, If I could live anywhere else it would be Cali. Finally got my copy of "Falling Glass" it's a good one for sure!

  7. It is. I'll look forward to your review.

  8. Self-imposed pressure - yup, driving myself hard to finish a project just now. 12-14 hour days, and nobody setting the deadlines but me.

    I hope you enjoyed the break. I really enjoyed the poem.

    Take care!

  9. I know what you mean, SPR. I like the poetry/lyrics up there along with the music. Amazing how it revives, huh? Good to see ya.

  10. Julie- That is hardcore, and like you said all the pressure is self applied, but I think it is also the sense of accomplishment that drives us too

    Jodi- Cool of you to stop by. I think it is easier to write in the Fall / Winter months for some reason. Seem slike so many more other distractions, once Spring / Summer comes.