Monday, May 2, 2011

Falling Glass by Adrian McKinty: A Review

I read Adrian Mckinty's "Dead I Well May Be" about a year ago and I was blown away by it. Since then I have read just about all his crime novels. Still need to check out "Hidded River" and don't know how I missed this, but there is another I just found out about called "Orange Rhymes With Everything" from 1997. Anyway, his latest, "Falling Glass" is excellent and I highly recommend it. Dare I say, I might have liked this Killian cat, more than Michael Forsythe. Here's the review I just posted on Amazon where you can get your copy HERE    * Print is not avail in US yet, but I went through The Book Depository via Amazon site and it was a piece of cake.

Five Stars: McKinty Delivers...Again
Like most others who have provided reviews of this novel or audio book, I have also read and really enjoyed `The Dead Trilogy' as well as Fifty Grand. As mentioned, Michael Forsythe is a minor character, and reading those novels does provide a bit of an insiders view into this one, but you could also read Falling Glass first and go backwards, which I'm sure you would be compelled to do if this was your first exposure to the author's work.

So, what is so good about Falling Glass? Everything. From the first few paragraphs, it felt like getting back together with an old friend (McKinty, not Forsythe) and I was immersed in the story. This novel showcases McKinty's versatility as a writer. The stripped down, no nonsense writing style had me thinking Hemingway right out of the gate and was very different from his other work. The narrative voice even had a less serious, more relaxed feel to it. It was the perfect fit for the not so perfect, not infallable hero, Killian.

It seemed like McKinty let his hair down for this one and it paid off. Not mentioned by many is the fact the main villain, a Russian hit man, is one of the most evil, fascinating characters I have encountered in a long time. The cat and mouse game between Killian and him is tremendous and is what would not let me put this down. Clocking in at a genre standard 300 pages and loaded with excellent dialogue and almost non-stop action / tension, it is a fast read.

The whole Tinker (think Brad Pitt in Snatch) angle was brilliant. Coulter is every bit as intriguing as Charlie Croker in Tom Wolf's A Man in Full, and Coulter's right-hand man Tom, gives Duvall's role in The Godfather a run for his money. As with McKinty's other novels, not only was I highly entertained, but his expert use of setting, cultural references and customs, and history, expanded my knowledge in many ways. A great read that continues to prove McKinty is a huge talent who is here to stay and deserves a seat at the table with the best of modern crime fiction writers.


  1. Sean

    I appreciate the review, mate. And more importantly I'm really glad you dug the book.


  2. Adrian- My pleasure. Thanks for stopping in, and for writing such an entertaining novel. The other reviews over at Amazon are very good indeed.

  3. Sounds great - added to the list. Ta for the heads up. :)

  4. Julie- congrats on the new one. Yeah, "Falling Glass" is excellent. Not sure if you have read any of his novels, but if you haven't I very highly recommend them.

    To anyone else who is reading this, my mom is getting my copy of FG next, but I would be more than happy to send it (free of charge) to anyone in the US who wants to give it a read after she is done. Just email me (addess is on the right side of my blog.

  5. Nice work, Sean. Yes, you're right, there hasn't been much picking up on the story of the hitman, which is such a key part of the plot.

  6. Seana- Thanks. Both you and Glenna did a great job with your reviews and it was killing me not to read them. I love when violence is done right in the crime fiction I read and Adrian is so good at that.