Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Danny Says": My entry for the Donna Moore Ramones Challenge

Thanks go to Donna for hosting this way cool challenge. Here is my entry "Danny Says".

The early morning sun glistened off the fresh eighteen inches that fell overnight. As the pre-opening chairlift procession got underway, the lift attendant smacked each passing chair with a broom to clear the seats.
     “Stop the North Face lift!” blasted from his walkie-talkie.
     Members of the ski patrol and the Jay, Vermont police gathered halfway up the triple black diamond Ripcord trail, all staring up at the mass of white taking up residence in double chair number eighty-one.  They knew it was a person underneath; the snowboard attached to the dangling legs tipping them off. As the rescue team lowered it to the ground, most of the fresh snow covering it had fallen off. When it landed they knew it was a male, encased in a thick, crusty ice that prevented them from seeing any clear facial features.
     "Looks like we got ourselves a bone-a-fide fucking mancicle," one of the Jay cops said.
     “How the hell did this happen?” the ski patrol captain barked at his subordinates.
     No one replied.
     The captain surmised, yelling, “I'll tell you fucking how. From the looks of it, he spent the night getting cornholed by Mother fucking Nature."
     The informal consensus was that somehow The Iceman had been on the last lift of the day and for some unknown reason, got stranded at thirty-five hundred feet on the North Face. On a good day, it never had a big crowd. The steep terrain, hidden ice, and lack of grooming, scared most people away from it. The snow and wind had caused white-out conditions by closing time.  The patrol must have missed him during their end of day checks, which considering the conditions, consisted of getting back to base as fast as possible.
     No one had reported him missing, so he must have been there alone.
     Within two hours, the body was transported to the hospital for the post mortem. The mountain closed operations for the day and some of the staff gathered in the main lodge, rehashing the story in various small groups.
     “You should have heard him whimpering. He was crying like a fucking baby,” lift operator Danny Cummings whispered to lift attendant Joey Hyman.
     Joey pointed a finger at Danny. “Got what he deserved. He should have never fucked us over, screw him. Let me hear it. How did it go down?"
      "Come on." Danny stood up. "Let's go out on the deck. I need to burn one."
      "Yeah, me too. Can I bum one off you?"
     Out on the deck, they fired up a couple Newport's, Joey complaining about menthols, Danny telling him they were healthier than Kool's, didn’t have insulation in them. They rested their elbows on the rails, dragging, and looking up at all fresh they wouldn't be enjoying on this bluebird day.
     "So?" Joey whispered. "Get on with it man."
     Danny looked around, blew smoke high into the air. "I saw him coming, twenty or so empty chairs behind him. Hard to tell it was coming down so hard. Good job stalling the one's behind him by the way."
     Joey nodded. "Wasn't hard, only a group of three. I just acted like the scanner had a problem with one of their tickets."
     Danny laughed. "Fucking beautiful.  Man, I just grabbed him as he was about to dismount, dragged him into the lift house, took less than ten seconds.  Had him Tasered and hands tie wrapped in less than a minute. He was kicking, but he wasn’t going anywhere with his board strapped on. Like we planned, I packed his throat with snow and duct taped his mouth and nose. He was gone in three minutes. The threesome that came by had no fucking clue, just went on their merry way."
    "You sure?" Joey flicked the smoke into the snow.
    "Positive. I'm just sitting in the hut, smiling at them, both feet keeping shit-head tight to the floor.  As soon as they're gone, I cut the tie wraps, pull off the tape, and pour my tea water down his throat to melt the snow. I got him on chair eighty-one and when twenty-one went by he's mid-trail. I gave the all clear to the base lodge, stopped the lift, hopped on the snowmobile and hauled ass back down.”

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Donna Moore's Ramones Challenge

Over at Donna Moore's blog, she's hosting a challenge. Cliff Notes version: write an up to 750 word story, a Ramones song needs to be the title, and someone has to die. All by Nov 1st. Donna will then post a link to your blog / story. If you don't have a blog, she will post the story on her blog. For complete details click HERE

I might be late to the game on this one but I just heard this song today, and loved it. Why? because I got that chill up my spine and that only happens with very few songs the first time I hear them. It's the combination of good music and great lyrics that does it to me. Great title too, for a novel as well.

"Gold Guns Girls" by Metric...Check it out HERE

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I guess the official holiday season kicks off this weekend with Halloween on Sunday. Saw my first Christmas commercial last night, unbelievable. My kids are getting older now, so each Halloween is extra special, because there won't be anymore trick or treating for them in a few years. This is a bummer, but another fact of life I must face.

In the writing business, here are a few great stories I have read this week. Check them out, ya hear now.

Dave Barber's An Urban Myth
Matthew C. Funk's Certain Saints
Chad Eagleton's The Price of Copper
PD Brazill's Guns of Brixton You can read it in PDF, or buy it and a collection of other crime stories HERE

Adrian Mckinty has a pretty wild video regarding Charlie Chaplin and time travel HERE

Declan Burke has a nice interview with Eoin McNamee HERE and a great take on the Irish Book Awards HERE

Myself,  I have a story pending at A Twist of Noir, one submitted to Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, wrote a couple scenes for the next novel, and have started a new crime short story.

Oh yeah, special thanks to Peter Rozovsky over at Detectives Beyond Borders, who snagged me a picture of (be still my heart) Crista Faust at Bouchercon 2010 HERE

Have Great Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Download Mindjacker for only 99 cents on Smashwords

In an effort to promote interest in the e-book version of Mindjacker, I am offering 99 cent downloads for today and tomorrow on Smashwords. You can choose whatever e-format you need, depending on your e-reader. PDF version can also be downloaded. 

To take me up on this offer use coupon code MR52G after you go to Smashwords HERE

In other news, another round of top notch stories have been posted for the 600-700 challenge over at A Twist of Noir. To check them out, click HERE

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catching Up

Thanks to Dave Barber's BLOG, I found out about a pretty cool event going on over at Erin Cole's BLOG. She's hosting the 13 Days of Horror, where a new horror story will be posted each day until Halloween. Some good stuff going on there, so check it out.

Over at A TWIST of NOIR, 5 new stories (605 - 609) were posted Friday for the 600 -700 word challange. You should check all of them out. Great stuff by mucho talented writers. I am number 622, so it should appear in a few weeks.

Peter Rosovsky has been providing excellent updates from Bouchercon in San Francisco. It is really cool to hear about the behind the scenes action that takes place at this huge crime event. You can check it out HERE

A nice article about my novel, Mindjacker, and me appeared in a local paper up my way. If you feel so inclined, you can read it HERE

I continue to make progress on my second novel, and am wrapping up a Halloween themed crime story to submit to Killers, Thrillers -n- Chillers

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Punching A Pumpkin: How I Could Just Kill A Man

I am a huge fan of good crime movies, you know, the heist, the mob, drug dealing and all the violence, suspense, and edge of the seat stuff that goes along with it. I especially love a good hit, done creatively, one that has me on the verge of looking away from the sceen. One that, no matter how many times I see it, even though I know what's coming, makes my gut get tight and brace myself for what's to come.

If I had to pick just one that meets the above criteria, without fail, it would be the scene in Casino, when Joe Peschi and his brother get beat to a pulp in the cornfield. If you want to see it Click HERE

I think the thing that gets me most is, this kind of stuff does happen in real life, if you roll in certain circles.

I ask you, do you have a similiar scene that causes you to experience both physical and emotional reactions when you see it? I would love to hear about it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Cool Interview With Me by Sci-fi Author Daniel Carter

I know Daniel Carter from various messaage boards I frequent, and when he was looking for author's to intervew, I jumped at the chance. He did a great job, especially with the pics and his questions.  He is one hell of a nice guy as well.

If you want to read it, Click HERE.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest Time :Update: We have a winner.....Glenna

Glenna guessed the correct answer. It was John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of  the John Paul Mitchell hair system franchise.  He is also a very generous philanthropist. Congrats to her, and thanks to everyone who enterered.

Have a reading / signing tonight at a local library. I am a huge supporter of libraries and as part of the evening, if I am fortunate enough to sell any copies I will donate a portion of each sale to the library.

As promised, it's contest time. All you have to do is read the below excerpts descibing the diabolical antogonist of the story, psyhcologist Joel Fischer. Then, tell the me the name of real-life person I modeled him after.

# 1
Mr. Bigshot looked like a caricature of someone Scott had
seen before. His beard, cropped tight to his face and receding
hair, which Scott determined got colored regularly, was slicked
back tight to his skull and fed the piece de resistance, the

Scott noticed Fischer’s eyes were extremely blue, like
crystal marbles. The oversized, porcelain veneers dominating his
mouth looked like they were made of ivory.

Stealing a page from "The Graduate", here's the hint..Hair Care.

This is tougher than the last contest, but I'm confident someone is going to find the answer. I'll post a pic of said person, once we have a winner.

Good Luck!



Monday, October 11, 2010

A Twist of Noir and Contest Reminder

Thanks to Col Bury, I found out about a way cool thing going on over at the A Twist of Noir blog. The deal is that the writer needs to come up with a crime story that has the designated number of words. There were 100 openings (600 to 700) and the line-up is full of talent. That said, I put in my humble request to see if could take part, and the blog owner Chris, has given me a chance at # 622. I'm honored, excited, and nervous as shite, but I have always felt that to succeed at something, you need take a risk and push youself.

I am going to have another contest where you can win a free copy of "Mindjacker", which I will send to you, wherever you live. On Tuesday, October 12th at 12:00 PM EST I will post a small passage from the novel where a character's physical appearance is described. Keep in mind, that most of the characters in the novel are modeled after people who are famous in one way or another. I will also provide a small clue to help point you in the right direction. All you have to do is be the first person to tell me the name of that person.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

These People Are Sick!

I normally stay away from getting too serious about anything in life. It is way to short. I need to make an exception in this case. The story on the below link, which was posted on the Black Crowes message board, is really unsettling, to me at least, and reminds me that there are truly evil people in this world.

To see the news story video click HERE

Now, I have two beautiful kids myself, and have always thought that if anyone harmed them, I would not be one to let justice run its course.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wooba Gooba With The Green Teeth: Contest Time Again

I am going to have another contest where you can win a free copy of "Mindjacker", which I will send to you, wherever you live. On Tuesday, October 12th at 12:00 PM EST I will post a small passage from the novel where a character's physical appearance is described. Keep in mind, that most of the characters in the novel are modeled after people who are famous in one way or another. I will also provide a small clue to help point you in the right direction. All you have to do is be the first person to tell me the name of that person.

For those of you that have kids, or even young ones you care about, I've been revisting some lyrics / poems I have had in the files and thought I would share this one.

The Promise
I promise you my little one
To never raise my hand
Even in your darkest times
I’ll try and understand

I’ve done it all
I’ve seen the worst
Enough to tell you
You’re not the first

Life is not easy
And it is not fair
I’ll try to protect you
From the dragon’s lair

People will be mean
And say hurtful things
Stay true to yourself
And you’ll grab that ring

Some will have more
And others less
If I’ve kept my promise
You’ll do your best

To treat each one
As if they were you
And if they're down
You’ll help them through

There will come a time
When I’ll be gone
My promise is yours
To carry on

Don’t be sad
And don’t you cry
Just remember me
A cloud in the sky

Oh precious child
Gods true gift to me
Your heart is my soul
And forever it will be

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A bit of "Sissy Murphy"

I'm working hard on revisting some old short stories to submit as well as getting serious about the second novel. Here is a passage from the WIP, that I'm calling "Sissy Murphy". It is CH 2 now. If you're so inclined to take a read, I would like to know what you think, if anything.

May 2009
It’s eight-thirty in the morning, I’m freshly barbequed, and sitting in my veal pen, dreading the meet-and-greet with the guy they just hired to work with me for the next six months. Before I even meet him, I hate my new right-hand man.

The generic eye drops I bought this morning don’t feel like they’re working. I’m paranoid of looking blatantly fried. It's early May in Massachusetts, so hay fever seems like a worthy cover. The internet recon I did on Mr. Daniel Moore yielded nothing and based on his resume, he’s got a brighter future as a fiction writer, not a Call Center Technology Specialist.

The Black Crowes are telling me through my iPod ear buds that if I smile at the cosmos, the cosmos will smile back at me. In the end, the cosmos didn’t smile on me. They stuffed a sock in my mouth, restrained me, and sodomized me. Hard.

There’s nothing more worth reading on, so I kill the page and look at the clock on my flat screen monitor. It’s eight-fifty, ten minutes until D-Day. I decide to try and get a sneak preview, knowing that Dan the Man is with my boss, V.P. Richard Fitzgerald.

I make the trek around the perimeter of my pod and position myself at an angle that let's me see who is sitting across the desk from the Boss Man. I see his profile. My first thought is that he looks like an extra from 300. With a few tweaks, he could pass for Leonidas, or better, Hercules. I estimate six-three, at least two-fifty.

On the retreat back to my cube, I’m thinking Dan is more adept at smashing the kneecaps of degenerates who are behind on payments, rather than making sure customer calls are answered in under ten seconds.

Nine o’clock, game on. I get in character, chew a stick of gum, put the cell on vibrate. All calls are directed to voicemail. It’s Friday, my regulars will start calling soon to re-up for the weekend.

Dan is already fucking up my program.

My boss is a decent shit. He pretty much let’s me do my own thing, as long as the job gets done. I knock on the outside wall of Rich’s cube, which is four times the size of mine. Dan gets up from his chair to greet me. My size estimates prove true. I feel like a running back in the huddle, standing next to the tackle. His Roman nose looks like it has been broken, a few times, but never repaired. I extend a hand, bracing for the inevitable crunching my fingers are about to receive. I resist the temptation to either completely slacken my hand, or tickle his palm with my index finger.

“Dan Moore,” he says.

I detect a mild Irish accent.

Every preconceived opinion I’ve made, is purged from my brain when I hear this. I’m third generation Irish American, but Dan is the real deal. This might not be so bad.

“Seamus Murphy,” I tell him, smiling. “Call me Shane though.”

My Dad, God rest his soul, is responsible for naming my sister and I. Her name is Siobhan and lives in California with another woman. We are thirty-eight years old. Shame and Shiv is what we were called growing up. It could be worse, my roommate at prep school was a steroid freak named Cash. His sister’s name was Carrie.

We take seats and review Dan’s role, expectations, work hours, and all the other corporate bullshit. My employer, United Investments, is opening a new call center in Rhode Island. It needs to be online by December. I will manage the project, Dan will report to me. My immediate concerns are lunch, and how I can ditch Dan. I want to take a quick cruise and smoke a bowl. I decide I'll make my break at eleven-thirty, be back by twelve, when Dan gets out of orientation.

We end up eating in the cafeteria. I hardly ever eat there. I prefer to use the time working on my writing and dishing out generous helpings of written fellatio on literary agent blogs, hoping they might notice me. It hasn’t worked, but kissing ass has never been my strong point.

During our one hour bread breaking session, I learn the following about Dan.

He’s thirty-eight, moved to Massachusetts from Belfast fifteen years ago and holds dual citizenship. He was married for ten years and had a son, who died at age three from a horrible disease. They divorced and shortly after, he met a stripper while bouncing in the same titty bar. He knocked up the stripper and now has a two year old daughter. He's estranged from the stripper, has custody of the kid, owns a Harley, and is a world class bow hunter.
I also notice he has two holes in each ear lobe. I did the earring thing when I was eighteen, single gold hoop, in the non-fag ear.

The bow hunter item is interesting to me. I decide to call his bluff.

“I’m a huge fan of Errol Flynn. The guy who taught him can-”

“Howard Hill, can split an arrow with an arrow. So can I,” he says.

Thou shalt not fuck with Dan.

Dan has been out of work for the last six months. Prior to that, he had a two year contracting gig with Met-Life, converting telephone systems to use the internet. He spent the downtime, operating a backhoe for the Seabrook Cemetery Department. His former brother-in-law set him up with the job.

As we walk back to our section of the building, Dan tells me that Marissa, the stripper, is a bipolar head-case, addicted to cocaine. I'm hoping he eventually tells me where she works.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ultimate "Whoop Ass" Song

So here's the scenario. Two of your main characters are in a top-of-the-line, black, 2008 Dodge Challenger, heading to fire bomb a warehouse that is the centerpiece of all the nefariuos plans of the head honcho they are trying to bring down. On the way, of course, they need some motivational kind of music to inspire them, get them into character if you will. One of them slips a CD into the player and cranks the kick-ass stereo system up.


I went with THIS

Some Positive Updates for a Shitty, Gloomy Monday

Well, the cold weather settled in here in the Northeast US, so I figured some happy positive news is in order.

My local indie bookstore called to tell me Scottish author Donna Moore's novel "OLD DOGS" finally arrived and I picked it up yesterday. Started reading it and it is awesome. I expected it to be a good one, knowing the unsavory company she keeps in the blogsphere. Did I mention I love unsavory things? I'll post a review when I finish, so stay tuned. Donna alos hosts a great crime blog HERE

In other news, crime blogger / author extraordinaire PD Brazill interviewed one Col Bury on his website HERE. I wish I could say I read it, but I must have some browser issues that prevent me from getting PD's site content. I really, really need to read this, so if someone can help me out with that, I'd be much obliged.

My "Kindle Author" interview was ranked in the top 10 for September for page views and comments. That was way cool to me, and I know followers of this blog, had a lot to do with it.. A big thanks to all of you!