Monday, December 17, 2012

My Favorites of 2012:

2012 was a good year for reading for me, mostly because I discovered some writers who wrote novels I really, really dug. Along with them, I also enjoyed novels from writers I had discovered over the last couple of years and have become a loyal fan of theirs. So without further delay.....

Best Novel I read in 2012: TOLLESBURY TIME FOREVER by Stuart Ayris

This one really made a huge impression on me and the author is a top notch gent. Find out more about Stuart, TTF, his other novels, and where you can purchase them at his blog HERE 

Most Entertaining Novel I read in 2012: LOST VEGAS by Steve Brewer

Discovered Steve Brewer via facebook, and he has become one of my favorite writers. Lost Vegas was tremendous. so much so I also read, and really enjoyed his novels, The  Big Wink, and Calabama. I will surely be reading more from Steve. You can learn more about him and his novels at his blog HERE

Great "5 Star"  Reads: 

Adrian McKinty has consistently delivered the goods with every one of his novels and TCCG is no exception. He is one of my favorite authors and you can too can find out more about him and his novels at his excellent blog HERE

COLLUSION by Stuart Neville

If I had to pick one novel that absolutely changed the type of novel I like to read, and influenced me in both the genre and style I aspired to write in, it would be Stuart Neville's THE GHOSTS of BELFAST. It was truly a game changer. COLLUSION is the follow up to TGoB and it was a great read. Loved it. Find out more about Stuart and his novels HERE

TUMBLIN' DICE by John McFetridge

Rock 'n Roll, motorcycle gangs, and crime equal all the ingredients I love in a story. Been a fan of John's for a while now, and like McKinty, Neville, and Brewer, he seems to always deliver and writes in a style I love. Check out John and his novels HERE

I found out about Paul by following his excellent blog and when I read that he had published a novel and read the description, I was intrigued. I read the sample, it was great, and purchased it. I really enjoyed this very much, for the unique premise, story, and writing style. Check out Paul's blog HERE

SAVAGES by Don Winslow
WOW. This one blew me away, for the story, but ultimately, for the writing style. This was the definition of cool.  Consider me a huge fan of Winslow, but it will be hard to top this one. Check out Don's site HERE

So there you have it. These picks are subjective of course and follow my tastes in reading when it comes to story, style, and entertainment factor. Hope you might give the authors and their novels a try, and visit their blogs / websites! 


  1. I definitely want to read a few of these. Been looking to get Savages!

    1. Hey Charles. Good to hear from you and hope things are working out on your end. Yeah, I think you will really enjoy Savages, and others on the list. All good, but also diverse in some way.

  2. This is a very nice list. I've read some and approve and will take note of the others. Hope to get to Tollesbury Time Forever and the Neville and McFetridge soon.

  3. Thanks Seana. All provided me much entertainment in various ways.

  4. Cheers Sean! You are very kind and have impeccable taste! ; )

    1. Stu- My pleasure! Best to you and your family!