Monday, March 19, 2012

COOL SITE: Pixel of Ink

Received a Google Alert that lead me to nice site called Pixel of Ink. It features free and bargain Kindle books. I was very shocked and pleased that my novel "Mindjacker" was featured with 2 other books on Saturday. Mindjacker was free on Saturday & Sunday and was downloaded over 9000 times. I'm thinking Pic of Ink, might have given it a nice boost. So, a hearty thank you to the owner(s) of the site.

You can check it out HERE


  1. Wow, Sean. I hope a lot of people read their free Mindjacker!

  2. Charles / Seana. I was impressed with how they do the presentation. Just because someone downloads, doesn't mean they will read it, but I hope at least some do.

  3. I haven't looked at these two sites you mention, but I will.

    Of course, I've already read Mindjacker.