Thursday, November 17, 2011

News From Two of The Goodfellas

Tonight is the Irish Book Awards. Talented writer, Crime Always Pays blog host, and great friend to his fellow writers, Deckan Burke, is up for the Crime Fiction award. His post today over at CAP provides a bit of insight into what the event will be like. ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL is a tremendous novel and one of the best I have read this year. He's facing some stiff competion, but my fingers are crossed and I cannot wait to find out the results. Best of luck to one of the good guys! Details HERE

Sticking with the theme of writers who are very talented as well as nice, generous people, Col Bury posted a review of Lily Childs' MAGETA SHAMAN over at his site. Now, at face value, I would not normally read this genre, but because Col provided such an excellent review, he highly recommended it, and I know how talented Lily is as a writer, I will surely be reading it. You can check it out HERE

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