Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Beat On The Street

Finally, we were able to have Trick-or-Treat this Saturday, after the powers that be in my town postponed it, because of the ice/snow storms that brought most of Massachusetts to its knees. We were lucky to have not lost our electricity, but a whole lot of people went up to five days without it. The official hours of T-or-T were 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Very strange, as it was sunny out the whole time. $10.00 at the Salvation Army got me the above Disco Dan get-up.

Here's a few things of note that I checked out on the web.

- It's November, so that means it's Noir time over at Absolutely * Kate's place. Already some great stories have been posted by some familiar names. Today, it is Chris Rhatigan. Bop on over to The Bijou HERE

- Speaking of Mr. Rhatigan, he provided links to some very good stories by Erin Cole and Julie Morrigan HERE

-Darren Sant provided an excellent review of Paul Brazill's "Drunk On The Moon" series HERE

- Over at Tony Black's Place, Ray Banks is talking to Allen Guthrie about "Dead Money" Not to be missed, HERE

- Editor at the Flash Fiction Offensive, Dave Barber, has announced that the FFO has re-opened for submissions HERE

- Seems like Mr. Barber also has some competition in his house. Check out his daughter's first published piece of writing, and be sure to take a look at all the comments  HERE

- Top writer and overall good guy, Nigel Bird, has an interview over at Luca Veste's blog HERE

- Last week, Sandra Seamans had an excellent post regarding the lack of women getting published in crime fiction, and self- promotion HERE.  Well, Chris LaTray has taken the baton from Sandra and posted a candid, well thought out post HERE

- I had never heard of film director Jim Jarmusch before, but thanks to Paul Waters' Blackwatertown blog, I am very intrigued by the films he has made, especially "Dead Man" starring one of my fave actors, Johnny Depp.  Check out another well written and interesting segment of "The Day I Met..." HERE

- Finally, author Lee Goldberg of "Monk" fame, and Joe Konrath share some intesting stats regarding their print vs ebook sales at Joe K's blog HERE


  1. Glad you menttioned Trick or Treat considering that outfit! :)

  2. Charles- Haha, unfortunately, I could not find any platform shoes, which would have made me look like a 6'6" fool. :)

  3. Great round up as usual, and great get up!

    I really liked Dead Man when I saw it many years ago. I should probably revisit it.

    Just to add to your round up, I somehow learned that Darren Sant is calling for one more writer for his Tales From the Longcroft Estate series. Might be a great gig for the right person. Details HERE.

  4. Thanks Seana- I remember seeing Darren's call for stories for TFtLE, but totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. I'm thinking I don't know enough Brit Grit to ocme up with something that would seem legit. But going to give it another look, just in case. Hope all is well!

  5. Thanks, Sean, and I''m glad you all finally got have Halloween. I probably shouldn't tell you how sunny it was here on the day.

    I'm attempting to do Nanowrimo this year, so probably won't have time to try any other writing projects!

  6. Wow, NaNo, impressive, and best of luck with it. I hope it turns into a novel I can read someday. You def have the talent for it, for sure!

  7. Thanks, Sean. I'm more about the quantity than the quality at this point,though!

    Also, evidently, about the procrastination...