Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Short Stories: 3 Good Ones

Read three quality short stories today while perusing the blogs I follow. Each one brings something different to the table: subject matter, style, emotion, suspense, and clever plot twists. I love the diversity between these tales and it is a great example of various techniques authors use to build and maintain tension / reader interest. So, have look and if you feel compelled, leave a comment for the authors and \ or blog hosts.

- Luca Veste's "Time" is over at Thrillers,Killers n Chillers HERE.

- Fiona Johnson's "Saying Goodbye" is at the Flash Fiction Offensive HERE

-Surya Sunder Dey's "A Walk on the Golf Course" is over at the "Guilty Conscience" blog HERE


  1. Hello Sean Patrick, you sure do have an Irish name! Thanks for dropping by Ashedit and saying kind words about Allan Guthrie's Brit Grit story. I think your blog is terrific.
    Best regards,
    elaine Ash

  2. My pleasure Elaine. Found your site via Col Bury's way cool site. Very good thing you have going on and looking forward to following!

  3. In time hopefully my story would be one of the three.lol new follower alert... come visit me sometime... http://everyauthorsnightmare.blogspot.com

  4. AWN- Thanks for stopping in. Always a good thing when someone new comes by. Your site is way cool and dare I say... a bit intimidating. Looking forward to following!

  5. Thanks for the mention and delighted you liked the story!

  6. I am honored that you liked my story. I posted it there and almost forgot about it.
    Thing is I have never set foot in the U.S. All that is there is the result of reading, watching television and research on the internet. So my reaction to such accolade would be a very sheepish, ear-to-ear grin! :-D