Monday, August 1, 2011

Absolute Zero Cool: 10...9...8...7....

Mucho talented writer and overall nice guy Declan Burke's latest novel, ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL makes it's debut on August 10th. You can get all the details from his Crime Always Pays blog HERE or from his publisher, Liberties Press's website HERE

Check out the very impressive pre-release blurbs HERE

I was fortunate enough to read a version of AZC in Novemeber 2010 when it had a different title. I, pardon the pun, absolutely loved it and provided the following review:

"If you took Palahniuk's "Fight Club", Ellis' "American Psycho", and King's "Secret Garden, Secret Window", combined them with Burke's mastery of dialogue, character, and the human condition, then removed the gratuitous violence, the end result would be Burke's latest and most impressive novel to date, "The Baby Killers". An excellent read that continually ratchets up the intrigue and suspense factors as it builds toward the tremendous finale, while at the same time providing an intense, no holds barred, behind the scenes introspection into the psyche of the writer and his process."

Declan did a really excellent Q&A with questions I sent him a while back, and if you missed it that time around, you can have a look HERE  Well worth a read for sure!