Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Beat On The Street

It's old news that blogger was having some issues last week. Sure, it was a pain in the ass, but it is free and not much you can complain about, if your are not paying for it. It was however a case of  bad timing, as that was the day I posted a very entertaining interview with Declan Burke. Not only did the post disappear for a while, but all the associated comments, and I'm sure I missed some of them. So, in case you didn't get a chance to read it, Click HERE to get a few laughs and maybe learn a few things.

In other news...

- Seana Graham posted an excellent story that she had published a while back HERE

- Erin Cole had some great insight into the whole concept of fear and what makes her tick over at Richard Godwin's place HERE

- Over at Thrillers, Killlers 'n' Chillers, there is a really excellent story by Stephen Mescandlon.This is well worth a read HERE

- Lastly, I owe Sandra Seamans more than a huge thank you for tipping me off to Naomi Johnson's 3rd annual  "Watery Grave Invitational" contest. I was lucky enough to be selected to participate along with other mucho talented writers who I look up to.  And although my selection was not based on talent (you entered and were randomly selected from the pool of entrants), I welcome the chance to try and take my writing to a new level and moreso, read all the stories that come out of it. There is actual prize money associated with this one, which is way cool of Naomi to offer. Best of luck to all involved! Details and the list of writers HERE

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  1. Great stuff, Sean, as always. And congratulations on getting into Watery Grave - I'm looking forward to seeing what you write for that. :)