Monday, August 12, 2013

Rusty Bones 2013

Just wrapped up the summer lacrosse season with a new team I joined, the New Hamphire Rusty Bones. It was a great experience and my fellow "Bones" were a great group of guys. Although we lost our first 7 games, we beat our arch rival, the Manchester Elder Statemen, in the last game of the season.  This season was important for me becuase I missed last season due to a nagging knee injury. I had arthoscopic surgery in December to clean up a torn meniscus, so it was a huge win for me to play again, pain / injury free, and I'll hopefully be able to play indoor throughout the fall and winter.

If you like contact sports, putting on the gear, a great physical workout, and the comraderie of a team sport, lacrosse is the best it gets for us older guys, who are trying to hold off going the golf / softball route.

If anyone who reads this, lives in the New England area and has played, or wants to play, and is over 30 years old, check out the OLDE NEW ENGLAND LACRCOSSE LEAGUE site HERE. I'm sure, you can find a team you can play for.


  1. I'd have liked this when I was younger and sturdier.

    1. It really is a great time. So many older adults I meet, tell me they wish they had lacrosse when they went to High School.