Thursday, November 1, 2012

7 Seconds by Erin Cole

Just read a great short story over at the All Due Respect site. It's titled "7 Seconds" by a writer that I am a big fan of, Erin Cole. This story was very high on the suspense meter, and the writing, especially the descriptions and phases used throughout the story are just great. I really felt like I was seeing the events unfold from behind the eyes of the MC, like I was inside a helmet cam.

Big thanks to Erin, for providing me some well needed entertainment.

Check out the 7 Seconds HERE, where you'll also find a link to Erin's blog.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll head over to check it out.

    1. Charles- Cool, I do not think you will disapointed

  2. Wow, super thanks Sean. Honestly, I was a little nervous to publish this one ; ] but am glad I did. Thanks for the nod.