Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dead Girl & The Broken Nose

Followers of this blog may, or may not, know I am into the sport of lacrosse, big-time. I coach, play, and follow it with a passion. It is a fast moving, exciting, contact sport. It kind of mixes all the best aspects of hockey, soccer, basketball, and even hurling.  Well, just when I thought that 2012 could not be any worse, my wife and I were at Harvard University last Sunday watching my son play in a tournament, and she gets hit in the face with a lacrosse ball , which was moving at least 70 MPH.

It was like she got hit by someone with a sniper rifle. For better, or worse, she had on sunglasses, which probably saved her eye-socket / eyeball, but her nose was not so lucky. She has / had a great nose! I had to give her my tank-top to stop the huge amount of blood pouring out, and it ended up almost 100 % saturated by the time we reached the first-aid tent. Luckily, she fractured the bone between her eyebrows ( yes, it was right between the eyes) and not the cartilage part of the nose. For the first couple days, she looked like Jessica Alba after Casey Affleck gave her "the beatdown" in The Killer Inside Me. I'm happy to report she is doing much better 8 days later, and the break was so clean, she might not need surgery... Fingers crossed. She's a terrific person, and I only wish it was me who got hit, but even more thankful it was not my son who got it.

In other news, I watched a really good movie last night called THE DEAD GIRL.
It's one of those stories I really dig. 5 different sub-stories that all relate to each other as it moves along. It has a great cast with some really excellent performances, most of all, I think is by the late Brittany Murphy. If you can catch it on cable or Netflix, it's def worth a look.

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  1. Didn't know you were into lacrosse. I've never played. It definitely looks like it would be very active tough.