Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jarrett Rush @ AToN... & Savages

Another quality story is up at the A Twist of Noir site. This one is titled LIKE CANDY, and it's written by a new to me author ( which is always cool) named Jarrett Rush.  I liked this story right from the start and even more as I read on. Check it out HERE

After a visit to Jarrett's blog, I also found out he has was offering a free download (via Smashwords) of his 8K word short story REUNION, and I downloaded to my nook. His blog can be found HERE

From the moment I saw the trailer of Oliver Stone's latest movie SAVAGES, I knew it was the kind of movie I would dig. Then, I find out it was based on a novel by some cat named Don Winslow. Well, I'm ashamed to say I had not heard of Mr. Winslow, but I did some internet recon and I think he is most def my kind of author. I just downloaded the sample of Savages to my nook ( 11.99 seems kind of steep, but I figure I'm going to buy if I dig it) I was hooked after the first chapter which consisted of:

"Fuck You"

Sold me right then, and I only needed to read a couple paragraphs of Chapter 2 to know I am going to really, really dig this novel. The writing style is right up my alley. Now, I have to read it fast, so I can see the movie while it is in theaters.