Monday, April 16, 2012

Pluck You!

Still been a stressful time for the Reardons related  to my dad and the complications from his quadruple bypass, which was done on Jan 30th. He's been bedridded since and we got the call everyone dreads on Friday to get to the hospital asap. Fortunatley, he pulled through a very scary weekend, and is coherent and able to talk to us today. The old man still has some fight in him, and I knew he would not go out like that. Family is everything to me, and without my mom, two brothers, relatives, and friends, none of us would be able to make it through this. I am so lucky to have them!

The pic above is me and my wife Vikki getting ready to leave for our daughter's school "gala" fundraising event. It was a blast and we have really been enjoying the fact that our 2 kids are older, and now we can enjoy going out together (without them).

Thanks to Chris Ratighan's Blog, I  was able to read a great story by Thomas Pluck called "White People Problems" that is showcased on the All Due Respect site HERE

Tom is an author who I will always read and have been very entertained by all his stories. He's a big dude and seems like one heck of a nice guy. He supports other writers and has incredible "online manners". A real gent in every sense of the word.

You can check out Tom's site HERE


  1. Thanks again for another good recommendation, you handsome lucky devil.

  2. Paul- Handsome, not so sure....Lucky for the lady in my life...100 % Thanks for the kind words!