Thursday, April 5, 2012

Abide With Me: Janet Reid Digs It!!

One of my fave writers and one half of the ultra-talented Ayris twins, Ian, (Stuart is his brother) shared some huge news regarding a shining endorsement from big-time lit agent Janet Reid HERE  This is such good news and well deserved..Well done Ian!

I have followed Janet Reid's blog for many years, learned a ton about the industry, and also observed how the e-publishing dynamic has impacted / changed not only her following, but the overall tone of her blog. If there is a more dedicated person to both writers and her clients, I do not know about them. At least that is the image I get. One hell of a sense of humor and well-versed in salty (sometimes), tell-it-like-it is advice, Janet's blog is def a must follow. Best of luck to both her and Ian in all their undertakings!

ABIDE WITH ME can be found on Amazon US HERE and Amazon UK HERE