Wednesday, May 23, 2012

R.I.P John "PA" Reardon

As some followers of this blog might know, my dad had not been well since before Thanksgiving, He'd been in and out of the hospital and Christmas was the last holiday that he was able to be home and with all his family. He underwent open-heart surgery on Jan 30th, but due to complications, never came home, and passed away on Mothers Day at 6:00 AM. He was suffering very badly at the end, but never gave up, or lost his courage. The pic above is him and mom on a cruise they took to Bermuda a couple years ago.

Here's a link that tells you a bit about him, and what kind of guy he was HERE

The outpouring of support from everywhere was just unbelievable, especially at his wake, where two police details were needed as the main road in my hometown was backed up a half-mile just to get into the funeral home. A great testament to how many people knew, loved, and respected "PA"

Through it all, my fellow bloggers provided excellent posts and stories to keep my mind off things. Thanks so much. Hopefully, my mom gets through it a day at a time and enjoys a really nice stretch of life ahead of her.

He was one of the good ones in life, and will be missed greatly!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Talented Mr. Brown

Over at Paul Brazill's site, talented author, interviewer, and reviewer Graham Smith is talking about books vs TV shows. Graham seems like a great gent and doesn't he look perfect in the picture above. If they ever remake THE SHINING again, I think he would be a perfect fit for the Scatman Crothers role from the original.   I loved this line from his guest blog.

"Any copper who kicks down a door and shouts “Don’t move. You’re surrounded by armed bastards will always get my vote."

While your pouring the drinks Graham, I'll take a triple espresso with a Red Bull chaser!

You can check out the post, and find out much more about Graham's writing HERE

- Over at Novel Spaces, Jewel Amethyst is looking for help naming her latest novel. Join the fun HERE

- Two great short stories are featured over at Thriller's Killer's -n- Chiller's. Chris Allinotte takes you to Carnaval with a creepy tale, "My Blood Runs Hot For Carnaval" HERE and Christopher Hivner spins a clever tale with his unique, down and dirty love triangle story "Painkiller" HERE

- After a brief hiatus, editor Dave Barber has posted a new story over at The Flash Fiction Offensive. Allen Watson is featured with a seemingly innocent story that will leave your mouth hanging open when you finish. check out the aptly titled "Mother's Ruin" HERE

Friday, May 4, 2012

Back in (Tony) Black

Been a regular follower of Tony Black's Pulp Pusher blog for a while now. It looks great and he seems like a real class act. He recently announced that he has a new novella coming out (pictured above) titled "R.I.P ROBBIE SILVA" The cover looks great and the description is right up my alley, big-time! 

"Jed Collins, fresh from jail, is struggling to go straight when he hooks up with wild child Gail. Before long Jed's back to blagging - with Gail in tow. But Jed has a past, and Gail has a secret about her gangster father she wants to keep under wraps. In R.I.P Robbie Silva, one week in the Scottish capital for Jed and Gail turns into a bloody rollercoaster ride that leads straight to hell."

Tony says,  'it is a bit of a heist story', and I am all over heists! 

He also has other work out there like the well-received MURDER MILE which is available at Amazon UK HERE and Amazon US HERE

You can check out Tony's blog HERE and the publisher of RIP ROBBIE SILVA is another class act, BLASTED HEATH. Check out all their titles HERE

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sneak Peak at McKinty's Next One!

It's no secret to followers of this blog as to how much I like Adrian Mckinty's crime novels.  His last one, THE COLD COLD GROUND, I loved and if you have not read it, feel free to check out the post and review I did back in January HERE

 I am pleased to report that the first 4 chapters of the next installment of the 3 novel series is available to read ( and provide feedback ) on his blog. The title is I HEAR SIRENS IN THE STREET, and you can find it HERE I really enjoyed it and I think you will as well. I'm hooked already and I'll surely be downloading it when it comes out, hopefully in January!

In other news.....

* Matt Hilton broke news of a really exciting E-book collection that he is putting together which includes a ton of great writers. Check out all the particulars HERE

* I am a huge fan of Rod Serling / The Twilight Zone  / Night Gallery. Over at Thrillers, Killers -n- Chillers, DB Cox has channeled the Serling / TZ vibe perfectly with his story BOTTLED IN CHICAGO. Give it a read HERE 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Clarissa Explains It All

No...not THAT Clarissa from the early 1990's sitcom, whose brother Ferguson (pictured above) was def one of the TV's most annoying ( but I have to admit funny) characters. I of course am referring to the one and only Clarissa Draper, who I have known via the blogsphere for some time now. She's a class act and runs a popular and entertaining blog LISTEN TO THE VOICES.  

She shared some great news about the publication of her debut E-book, a mystery titled THE SHOLES KEY. I could not be happier for her and the description sounds excellent. I will surely be reading this one!

"All across London, single mothers are vanishing. Margaret Hill, mother of two, walked out of her house two months before, never seen again. A month later, Carrie-Anne Morgans takes her two-year-old son for a walk in the park and disappears, leaving him alone in his stroller. Lorna McCauley leaves her London flat in the early hours of the morning to buy medicine for her sick child and does not return.

Newly promoted Detective Inspector Theophilus Blackwell is assigned the case of Lorna McCauley, which on the outside seems to be a simple case of mid-life crisis and child abandonment. Elsewhere in London, MI5 analyst, Sophia Evans, is working undercover to catch an animal rights group responsible for targeted bombings. As Sophia's case (and her personal life) fall to pieces, she receives a strange envelope in the mail. It contains a picture of Lorna McCauley's lifeless face along with a daunting code.

Now the police and MI5 are forced to work together to stop the murders, and Sophia must find her way into the terrifying mind of a serial killer." 

Check out all the deets in Clarissa's blog post HERE or just cut to the chase and download The Sholes Key HERE