Thursday, August 9, 2012

Killing Pandemic & Off The Record II

Talented author and good guy, Kevin Michaels contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I would be interested in being "tagged" by him as the next author to follow him on the Killing Pandemic blog. I checked out the site, very cool, and accepted, although I was very apprehensive because I had not written anything in about 6 months since my dad got sick. So, I took a week or so to come up with some ideas and eventually started writing it. It was not easy, but I chipped away at it and just sent it in (760 hard earned words)

The story is called "The Sex Machine" and not sure when it will be on the site, but of course I am very nervous about what readers will think. I will say it was fun to write.

So, you can check out the Killing Pandemic site HERE. It's well worth a look and Kevin M's story The Edge Of The Road is currently featured.

A couple months ago Luca Veste contacted me, asking if Iwanted to be part of the OFF THE RECORD sequel he is putting together. My story "Redemption Song" is in OTR-1. This time the theme is movie titles, rather than song titles.

I chose "Boogie Nights" as my title, a movie I love. Due date for submissions is AUG 31, and I should have it done before that. It has a 2,500 word count limit, so that is the arena I like to write in for short stories, although 3,500 really is ideal.

To find out all the deets about OTR-2 check out Luca's post HERE


  1. Sean, I'm happy you're writing again. I bet your dad would be too.